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Au FIL des Langues

Formation Informatique Linguistique

Au FIL des langues, Formation FLE au Pays Basque



Welcome to your new language and computer training center Au FIL des Langues!
With Au FIL des Langues, you will be daily followed by a trainer - french teacher aware of your needs!

Au FIL des Langues is a several sides project:

For language teachers, Au FIL des Langues is working from the discovery of softwares to the creation of documents for their students.
For those who want to learn french, Au FIL des Langues is working from the discovery of Grammar and Verbs through french culture to the improvement of french speaking abilities.
For your kids, we offer English activities with games and cultural elements to help them express themselves easily.
For young French people, we help you to improve your abilities in Grammar and French writting rules, in order to feel better in your personnal and professional projects!
Explain your project to us, we will offer you the programme you need!


Who am I?

Computer Training

Develop your abilities
and offer attractive documents
to your students!

Language Training

Learn French online or at home,
ask for the creation of your
own learning book,
play and learn in English!

French writing training

French easier!
A creative way to improve
your French and feel
better when you write!