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French is coming to you!

Au FIL des Langues helps you to learn French according to your needs and your projects.
French for your business, French for your studies, French for your hollidays, French to settle in France... Tell us about your goals, we will organize, with you, a programme filled with useful and real documents chosen according to your own interests.
This programme is open to children, young people and adultes. Each programme will be adapted to each one's level.

Au FIL des Langues moves! Located in the heart of the Basque Country, your training center can come to you anyway! We organize training week-ends in France and in Europe, on the condition to form groups including maximum six people, and to contact Au FIL des Langues long enough before!

Why would you choose Au FIL des Langues?

Learning French with Au FIL des Langues, it is:

  • A graduated teacher who pays attention to you.
  • A programme entirely created for you and after a talk between you and your teacher.
  • Exercises created specially for you, according to your language needs and your cultural interests.
  • A flexible timeschedule decided according to your availabilities.
  • Dynamic and creative French lessons.
  • A rich amount of deep linguistic learnings.

Any other questions? Contact Au FIL des Langues !

General sales conditions:

  • French lessons can be booked one by one or two by two.
  • French lessons can be given to one person or to groups untill 6 people.
  • Programme and timetable are decided after discussion with the teacher.
  • In case of cancellation or modification, please inform the teacher 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.
  • In case of not informed cancellation, the lesson is paid.