Au FIL des Langues

Formation Informatique Linguistique

Au FIL des langues, Formation FLE au Pays Basque

Le français rien que pour vous!

French Learning Training

French only for you!

A personalized French learning book

  • Au FIL des Langues creates a unique French learning book entirely made specially for you, according to your needs, your interests, your wishes ad projects.
  • "Le français rien que pour vous" is a 32 pages book with texts written for you, exercises, grammar rules, verbs, vocabulary, questions to make you write and express yourself, songs and ideas for movies which could help you improve your French understanding!
  • It is a book which helps you improve your knowledge of French language.
  • Au FIL des Langues keeps working with you while you are working on this book if you need help or additional explanations.

General sales conditions:

  • Order has to be placed during the training, and the book is delivered in the week following the end of the training.
  • Au FIL des Langues will ask you to fill in a small questionnaire to help us create the most suitable learning book for you.