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Au FIL des Langues

Formation Informatique Linguistique

Au FIL des langues, Formation FLE au Pays Basque

Who am I?

I completed a Master 1 in Language Didactic and then a Master 2 in International and Educative Action, Social Mediation and Intercultural approach, which i graduated with the congratulations of the Jury and the title of Head of the class.

Before that, i got a degree in English Literature and Civilization and Modern Letters, with Romanian and French Sign Language as options.

While i was a student and still after, i have travelled around Europe and Asia in order to discover landscapes, cultures and languages of these beautiful countries. It helped me to develop my ability to learn languages but also to teach languages, as i can understand the difficulties that people meet when they learn a language.

I taught French several years in Romania, France and Turkey. Aware of your needs and your expectations, i adapt myself and prepare the learning programme which corresponds to you and will help you to improve yourself.

I pay attention to culture: music, cinema, news... "Au FIL des Langues" project is a way to deeply discover French culture. Besides, because it is when we discover other's cultures that we understand and know ours better, this project is also a way to share your culture. "Au FIL des Langues" is a learning project but also a sharing project. Teachers, language students... it will be a pleasure to meet you!

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